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Increase in water usage rate

The South Brevard Water Co-Op Board of Directors unanimously approved a water usage rate increase at the annual meeting. The usage rate price was last raised in 2012 and the average rate of inflation in that time period was a cummulative increase of 12.7%. SBWC was able to hold prices by using a lean operating strategy and instilling cost saving measures such as bi-monthly billing, paperless invoicing and encouraging water conservation practices.

The usage rate of up to 8000 gallons per billing period remains unchanged at $6.75 per 1000 gallons, however, usage above 8000 gallons will be billed at $7.00 per 1000 gallons. The St. John Water Management District along with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection were advocating that the Co-Op adopt a step-up pricing scheme to show its concern for water conservation.

SBWC has been pursuing the renewal of its operating permit for the better part of a year. The permit is good for twenty years, but the renewal process is complicated and involves the work of consultants and industry experts. The Co-Op had little choice in the permitting proceedings but to adopt a step-up pricing policy.